Neighborhood Ministry

Travis Heights Elementary School

The Soco Episcopal Community provides volunteer and financial support for Travis Heights Elementary School events throughout the year. We also regularly support Travis Heights Elementary families who need assistance through our partnership with the school's parent support specialist. SoCo also rents space for our 11am Sunday worship services, and half of our rental payment stays to support the school.   


Stonebriar Nursing Center

Several SoCo folks make weekly pastoral care visits to the residents of the Stonebriar Nursing Center.  Every Christmas, we also write out and deliver personalized cards to all of the Stonebriar residents. We also support Stonebriar staff with food and appreciation events throughout the year.


Food Ministry

Through our partnership with El Buen Samaritano, we are providing food twice a month to families with children at Travis Heights Elementary who need it.


Central Texas Interfaith

The SoCo Episcopal Community is a member of Central Texas Interfaith, which allows our community to engage in advocacy and justice work that we would not be able to do on our own.  Central Texas Interfaith is a non-partisan, multi-ethnic, multi-issue organization of 43 congregations, public schools, and workers organizations who work together to address public issues that affect the well being of families and neighborhoods in our community.  SoCo neighborhood members include Travis Heights Elementary, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, and Wildflower Unitarian Church.


Tiny Chapel

The Tiny Chapel is a modified Tiny House that provides a place of hospitality, prayer, or simply quiet rest at festivals and community events. Our mission is to be fully present with people, and we do not try to convince anyone of anything except that they are welcome. 

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