The greatest of these is love

Epiphany Sermon 2016

Christmas Sermon 2015

God Keeps God's Promises

Rejoice the Lord is Near

Jesus is our King

Everything is temporary, but we have a God we can Trust

Sermon preached at the Iona School for Ministry.  We are working on providing video of sermons, and this is our first try.  Please excuse the mic noise, we think we have a solution for next time.

Charity does not fix injustice

11/8/2015 Sermon at the SoCo Episcopal Community.  Click to listen.

We're on a mission from God

Sermon for All Saints Day, 11/1/2015.  Click the link to listen.

Don't let your stuff keep other people away from God

Mark 9:38-50
Imagine you are waiting in a parked car for a friend to come out of a store.
While you are waiting, you see a man in a convertible driving too fast in the parking lot. 
The man quickly pulls into the handicapped parking space by the door.
He throws open the car door, jumps out, looks at his watch, and then jogs past the sliding automatic doors and into the store.
A few minutes later, you see a van drive up and stop just to the right of the convertible parked in the handicapped space
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