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When you eat a hamburger, you actually start the digestion process by smelling the burger before the bread even touches your mouth.
When the the molecules from the burger hit your nose, the receptor cells in your nose send electrical signals to your brain - “Hamburgers Coming!"
Your brain responds by signaling glands in your mouth and esophagus to start producing saliva.
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New Time & Place

Great news!  Our Sunday Services are now at 11am every Sunday at Travis Heights Elementary School.  Bring your family, friends, and neighbors.  Adults and kids are invited, no exceptions!


Badges? The Spirit don't need no stinking badges!

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In the movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, two fortune hunters and would-be gold prospectors, Dobbs and Curtin, head to the Sierra Madre mountain range to prospect for gold.
On the way, they are attacked by various groups of bandits.
In the most famous scene, Dobbs, played by Humphry Bogart, is surrounded by armed men who claim to be Mexican federal police who demand that Dobbs hand over his rifle.
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Sermon: the Dude Abides

In the Cohen brothers film, the Big Lebowski, the Dude, the main character in the movie, seems unphased by the disasters that happen in his life . . . . 



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